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Student Loan Planner

Feb 12, 2019

Eric Meissner is a Marine JAG who knew there would be financial benefits to joining the military. Eric had some good mentors and family members who encouraged him to attend law school.

He went in with the intention of getting a portion of his loans forgiven on behalf of the military. Eric graduated from law school with a little over $120,000 of student loan debt and his loans just came out of deferment. In this episode, we'll be discussing his repayment options, what led to his career path as a JAG in the Marine Corps, and any tips that can help someone who's also looking into a military career but is concerned about student loans.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • What type of minor did Eric pair with his undergrad criminal justice degree?
  • What led him to join the Marine Corps
  • Did the military give any money for law school?
  • What type of assistance the military offers
  • How much debt Eric walked away with
  • So what would Eric have done if he did not join the military?
  • Are internships an option in the military?
  • Do you get extra time added to your term if you ask for tuition assistance?
  • What kind of income Eric can make as a JAG in the Marine Corps
  • What the retirement system is like in the military
  • Tips for law students who want to become a JAG
  • Does your five-year contract with the military start while you're still in law school?


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