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Student Loan Planner

Dec 25, 2018

Jenna is an RN who recently graduated with a masters and $150,000 in student loan debt. We're discussing the many different ways to pursue an RN degree today along with what to do about the student loans you could accumulate.

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with Jenna and hear her story and a plan...

Dec 17, 2018

Dental school debt is frequently $200,000 to over $600,000.

Even more for specialties like orthodontics, OMFS, endodontics, etc.

How do you do everything you want to do like buy a practice, save for retirement, have a family, etc.?

Samantha from explains her thoughts on taking out tons of loans,...

Dec 16, 2018

Why is Everyone Getting Rejected for PSLF Right Now? Recent stats for 2018 showed that only 96 borrowers out of more than 28,000 actually received loan forgiveness.

No one seems to understand the PSLF program. In fact, the acceptance rate for applications will be exponentially increasing over the next few years thanks...

Dec 11, 2018

The student loan crisis is looming. CFA and Student Loan Expert, Travis Hornsby, shows why almost every professional you meet these days owes more in student debt than a brand new Mercedes.

If you’ve got six-figures of student loan debt, this show is for you.

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