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Student Loan Planner

Mar 28, 2023

Join me in this episode as we delve into the PSLF waiver report card. While I'm thrilled to see a growing number of individuals in our community receive forgiveness through the PSLF waiver, the low 20% success rate highlights the confusion borrowers face in determining where to apply and which loans to consolidate.

I'll then draw a comparison between the PSLF waiver and the student loan forgiveness initiative, which boasted a much higher 60% take-up rate and a simplified application process. 

Finally, we'll assess the successes and disappointments of the Biden administration's student loan relief initiatives to date.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • The confusion among borrowers that led to the low success rate of the PSLF waiver
  • Why student loan debt cancellation faced legal challenges, but the PSLF waiver did not
  • How the PSLF waiver widened the racial wealth gap
  • The difference between PSLF and IDR waiver
  • The biggest determining factor on the success of the IDR adjustment
  • Why the student loan cancelation plan is entirely political
  • The importance of the 12/36 rule
  • What it takes to get transformational savings on your student loans
  • How modifying an existing income-based repayment plan can be dangerous


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