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Student Loan Planner

Mar 29, 2022

The loan servicing structure needs to be fixed, but how and why? Join me as I welcome Bobby Matson, CEO and Founder of Payitoff, to talk about why the state of the student loan serving industry is broken and how we might be able to mend it. Without getting overly cynical, we shed light on the incentive structure of student loan servicers, the problems that can arise when student loans are cancelled, and the changes and opportunities in loan servicing you can expect in the next few years. In today’s episode, you'll find out: Servicers get paid $25-30 per borrower. What kind of incentive structure does that create? What does Payitoff do and how does it help institutional customers manage and pay off debt? Why did Navient exit the business of loan serving? Why the politics of student loans are brutally cynical right now. Is there a solution? The frustrating problem with cancelling student loans. How student loans systems are increasing disparities in outcomes and increasing defaults, even for communities that need the programs. What you can expect in the next few years: NextGen servicing contract? Will I need to visit my servicer’s website in the future? Will I experience service interruptions? Why the loan servicing structure needs to be fixed. Opportunities in educating senators on how federal loans work. Should I reach out to Payitoff for help with debt repayment?