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Student Loan Planner

Apr 21, 2020

You might not know what to do if you’re facing default or having trouble paying your student loans. Or maybe you’re curious about what happens to your student loans when you stop paying. To find out that and more, I turn to two experienced student loan attorneys: Adam Minsky and Jay Fleischman. They share their best tips for dealing with student loan default and how to get help. In today’s episode, you'll find out: What to do if you default on your student loans The two options you have for federal student loan default How to settle private student loan debt If the Department of Education will settle for less than you owe Whether rehabilitation or consolidation is better How default affects your credit report now and in the future How student loan default impacts forgiveness Whether bankruptcy is an option to get rid of your student loans Where to get more help if your loans are in default Full show notes at: