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Student Loan Planner

May 10, 2022

I’m breaking down all the fluid elements swirling and often confusing even the most knowledgeable student loan loan experts. There’s just so much going on – and the U.S. Department of Education may or may not be concealing a backdoor form of relief via their complex waiver programs. What will happen if cancellation occurs? It’s not clear, but it’s very likely to end up in a heavy political court challenge just as midterm elections heat up. And we’ll be here to help you ride the rapids and optimize whatever opportunities are out there.

In today’s episode, we’re covering:

  • Advice about consolidating Parent Plus loans that parents took out for their two kids
  • The first thing you need to know about Parent Plus loans before figuring out your long-term strategy
  • Whether it’s possible to get credit for payments made during in-school deferment
  • President Biden’s recent announcement and the pressure he’s under with regard to loan forgiveness
  • Possible loan forgiveness for under $50,000, including a means testing approach
  • Results of our biggest-ever survey of more than 6,200 subscribers and listeners about loan forgiveness
  • Why only 47% of borrowers with balances under $50k plan to pursue forgiveness
  • The complete breakdown of demographic insights in terms of what population is going for student loan forgiveness
  • Debt cancellation for people in default on loans of $10,000 or under

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