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Student Loan Planner

Apr 14, 2020

Diana Care is a veterinarian for the federal government who is passionate about taking advantage of PSLF.

She shares how to best take advantage of forgiveness with a job in the non-profit or government sector, why employer-paid student loan benefits are a bad idea, and reasons you might not want to pursue a career as a vet.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • Why vet school debt keeps growing
  • Why veterinarian student loan debt studies are deceitful
  • How 20% of vet school graduates don’t have any student loans at all
  • Whether a Caribbean vet school is worth the high price tag
  • The reason to just say no to employer student loan benefits
  • How to reach Diana if you’re interested in a vet job with the federal government

Full show notes at: