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Student Loan Planner

Dec 28, 2021

Having six figures of student debt to pay off can often make you feel like you’re in bad shape, and for good reason.

But as SLP consultants Rob Bertman, CFA, CFP®, and Lauryn Williams, CFP®, CSLP®, explain, you may be doing better than you think. Listen in for a positive, upbeat message and learn how to change your paradigm around your student loans and the various opportunities available right now to help you accomplish your goals.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • How a simple shift in perspective can help you see that you’re closer than you think to paying off your student loans
  • Why an income-driven plan gives you an incredible amount of flexibility in how you design your life and career
  • The power of a positive attitude to overcome significant challenges
  • How to face your fears and finally tackle your student loans
  • The best way to pay as little as possible and eventually take advantage of student loan forgiveness

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Feeling helpless when it comes to your student loans?