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Student Loan Planner

Feb 26, 2019

Jessica Cox found herself in $300,000 of student loan debt after attending law school in New York. She went through many trials like losing her scholarships after her first year of classes.

Despite the struggles during the first year, she was able to come back the next year and make the dean's list. It wasn’t easy, but Jessica graduated from law school and is now working to pay back her debt.

She's currently working in legal marketing and business development in Houston, Texas.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • Jessica's thoughts on law school after losing her scholarship after her first year
  • Her thoughts on the bar exam
  • What to do immediately after graduating law school
  • What it's like to work as a legal manager?
  • What moving to Texas did for Jessica's career
  • Can you get get a license in one state and practice in another?
  • Jessica’s first approach to tackling her student loan debt.
  • What did she do to get a better idea of her debt and how did she start paying it back?
  • How she used forbearance to help her get out of debt
  • Will refinancing make any impact on my credit score?
  • Has Jessica ever considered what impact her student loan debt can have on a future spouse?
  • What piece of advice would Jessica give someone who hasn’t yet attended law school?
  • What piece of advice would Jessica give someone who just graduated law school?
  • My thoughts on the future of law schools.
  • Is the schedule that a lawyer has worth the pay?

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